A spell of anticyclonic easterlies?

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

According to the midnight run of the hi-res ECMWF model we are now entering a spell of anticyclonic easterlies as high pressure to the north of Scotland becomes established. Looking at the charts in this run immediately makes you think to yourself ‘what kind of weather would this set up have produce if it were the middle of January and not April?’. If this scenario does come off the cold spring will continue in the north, remember we have seen little in the way of sunshine with maximum temperature no higher than 16°C so far this year. The east coast won’t fare too well at least temperature wise, but the west coast of Scotland should see plenty of sunshine and the highest temperatures. Southern areas on the other hand won’t be as well protected by high Odilo, and initially frontal systemes and thundery rain will try and push up from Iberia. Lets see what Louise Lear and Tomasz Schafernaker make of this in their presentations.

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