An endless fascination with London and warm weather

Courtesy of the BBC

Tomasz Schafernaker just seems to have an endless fascination with London and warm weather. I will admit that this is a bit of sour grapes on my part, because any warm and sunny weather recently seems to have been exclusively south of Gretna. Having said that it’s always a pleasure to see him in action, and this afternoons taped forecast by him was no exception. The trouble what he says doesn’t actually tie in with the temperatures in the table, yes temperatures are forecast to fall sharply on Easter Monday (the Bank Holiday and still Easter) in London, but will return to average or above by Tuesday. It would make a refreshing change if he could use observational skills on any other part of the country, and maybe point out to the viewer the large temperature differences between north south that exist at the moment, but why bother with all that, when the big news at the moment is that temperatures will get to 24°C or maybe even 25°C on Saturday in London – where else?

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