An eventful week ahead weatherwise – storm Bella perhaps by Friday?

It looks likely to be quite an eventful week ahead weatherwise across IONA. A mix of cyclonic cold air with sub 528 dm thicknesses for a while brought about by an extending trough. It could be that the culprit low at the centre of all this mayhem may be named Bella for what it could inflict on the southeast of England on Friday. Snow looks to be confined to higher ground but if it comes at the right time might cause problems lower down. The following week looks interesting too, with a another low this time staying further west and sliding southeast, as it brushes up against the leftover cold air that might leave some snow behind before it departs. Behind that there are signs of a spell of easterly winds setting as high pressure builds across northern areas and conjoins with an intense high over Scandinavia, but thats all in the realms of science fiction courtesy of the ECMWF hires model.

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