Antarctic sea ice extent continues to slowly improve

The Antarctic sea ice maximum occurred on the 30th of September with SIE data estimating a total extent of 18.462 million square kilometres, which was just 0.3% less than the LTA, making it the 11th lowest maximum in the record that started in late 1977. This was very slightly up on the 2018 figure, which itself slightly up on the preceding disastrous summer of 2017.

I don’t suppose now the “loose tooth” has fallen out completely from the Amery ice shelf that Antarctic sea ice extent will show a marked decline in the next year, because apart from taking it a long time to melt the ice from the glacier will continue to flow and fill the void it left. If you don’t haven’t got the slightest idea of what I’m going on about Jonathan Amos in this BBC news item might help.

Courtesy of BBC & Copernicus
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