April Global Temperatures

April 2020 was the second warmest since 1850 in the HadCRUT v4 series with an anomaly of +0.8°C higher than the 1981-2010 LTA. 2020 is still playing second fiddle to 2016 which had a considerably warmer April with an anomaly of +0.937°C. In the chart of 12 month moving averages there’s an interesting spread of 30 year linear trends in the leading six global temperature series if I’ve done my maths correctly, with the NASA series way out ahead as warmest (+0.214°C), and not unsurprisingly the UA trailing in sixth place (+0.136°C). In the 12 month moving averages I can finally start to see a slight slowing in the bounce back from the cooling of 2017-18, it will be intersting to see what the May anomalies come in at.

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