As the days grow longer the cold gets stronger…

I am very surprised that this cold spell, which has gone on since Christmas here in the north, is going out without very much of a fight. Even in the forecast charts for the next ten days there is no sign of any fightback and return to the cold we’ve seen in the last week, even though high pressure rebuild later in the week over the near continent, the flow across the IONA remains from the south. This morning the latest wind chill figures look remarkably low (or should that be high) particularly in the southeast, but the frontal systems bringing the return to milder conditions look remarkably benign as they come up and erode the high pressure block to the east. The coldest place overnight in IONA was Loch Glascarnoch with -6.2°C, it was even -4.5°C at 8am this morning here in the Strath. The one thing that this cold spell has done is to perfectly coincide with the first of Buchans cold spells, and for once old Alexander was right!

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