BBC change their tune

Courtesy BBC

Yesterday the forecast for next week from Tomasz Schafernaker in the BBC weather was that very strong southwesterlies were going to sweep very mild air across the whole country. This morning Chris Fawkes has obviously been delving into his book of euphemisms and described a reservoir of cold air across the northeast, and a battleground between cold and mild air as the mild air bumps into the cold air. Of course the story hasn’t really changed, it’s just the way they perceive it. Tomasz Schafernaker has a severe case of Scotia Myopia has does Chris Fawkes, who in his forecast this morning hardly had a word to say about the weather anywhere else after he had finished pontificating about the snow falling across southern England. Perhaps it’s a kind of weather jealousy. As well as wanting England and the southeast in particular to be the hottest, driest and sunniest place in the UK, they would also like it to be the windiest, coldest and snowiest. All I want is for weathercasters to treat the whole of the UK the same.

Courtesy BBC
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