BBC hell bent on upbeat forecast for Bank holiday

Courtesy of the BBC

You have got to hand it to Helen Willetts in her upbeat forecast in Countryfile for the coming week she is definitely a glass half full kind of person. This has got to be one of the craziest upbeat forecasts I’ve ever heard. It’s hard to sum up, it comes at you so thick and fast I can’t possibly do it justice in words so this garbled precis of it will have to do.
Despite temperatures forecast to remain below average, and showers or longer outbreaks of rain until mid-week, everything is getting drier, and it’s going to feel warmer with temperatures nudging up everyday, oh, and by Thursday there’s a hint of high pressure building, and don’t worry about that fly-in-the-ointment nuisance front towards the end of the week, because any rain will be lighter because of the high pressure and the weather is getting better just in time for the Bank holiday.
Why for goodness sake don’t they just present the forecast as it is without the promises? We as an audience realise that the presenter is not in anyway responsible for whatever the weather has in store this Bank holiday whatever it’s like.

2 thoughts on “BBC hell bent on upbeat forecast for Bank holiday”

  1. Why ‘hell bent’ ? Why would they go against model evidence for an improvement to ‘drier’ weather towards end of this week? The caption rightly does not say ‘dry’. The Bank Holiday is next Monday!

    1. You need a transcript of what she said to fully understand why I said what I did. I did think of doing one, but life is just too short, even for me. She managed to brush aside heavy rain across the north today, heavy showers and further rain across the southwest on Tuesday, the nuisance weather front towards end of the week, and with each day just kept saying how the temperatures were nudging up which is not true at least in this part of the world (see graphics), after all this is supposed to be forecast for ‘farmers and growers’ for the next five days. The fact is that May will probably end up being the wettest and the coldest since 1996 in central England, and although temperatures will probably return closer to average this week, that’s about all they’ll do which is no small blessing. I am writing this with an outside temperature of 8°C at 12 UTC in moderate rain with the solstice just four weeks away.

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