BBC over-egging the weather

It has been quite noticeable, well at least to me, how the Meteogroup weathercasters on the BBC have been over egging the weather forecast, especially in the southeast, and especially as regards the chances of sunshine and high temperatures in the last week. In contrast, dare I say it, the Met Office have been much more measured and realistic about the imminent return of summer to the UK. Maybe the models didn’t quite handle ex-tropical storm Fay very well and how it’s interacted with the jet stream across Canada, but the talk of a hot weekend across the southeast has gradually vanished since the weekend. Perhaps the remit from the BBC to Meteogroup during this COVID-19 pandemic was to present the weather forecast as optimistically as they possibly could, and that’s why I’m seeing the disparity between them and the UKMO in recent days. Here north of Inverness, despite the dire frontal analyses we’ve seen in recent days (look out for the triple warm sector) from the UKMO, the weather has been quite summer like, not overly warm, and not overly sunny, but quite dry apart from some light showers thanks to the mountains of the northwest Highlands.

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