Better late than never or is it?

Courtesy UKMO
Issued 1125 UTC 28 December 2020

The Met Office have finally woken up to the fact that it’s pretty cold outside and snow has reportedly been falling across parts of the country today. My last blog must have spurred them into action because they’ve now issued a half hearted apology of a yellow snow and ice warning that doesn’t come into force until 18 UTC today – I kid you not! They obviously haven’t realised that temperatures in much of Scotland this morning have remained well below freezing (see ranked table below). They’re obviously practising some new weird kind of science down in Exeter these days, a science in which water can only turn to ice after 18 UTC and not a minute before. The warning gets even better – any snow that does fall they say is only expected to affect ground above 250 M amsl and mostly over the Pennines and the moors of North Yorkshire. Forget all the ground above 250 M in Scotland and the Grampians which have four of the five highest mountains in the UK – who writes this rubbish? Why didn’t they just include a snow level in their warning? Such as “Any showers will fall has snow above 250 M amsl”. There may not be a lot of snow overnight and disagree with the sentence that says most places will see little or no snow overnight as does the French ARPEGE model (see graphic below). I’ve seen some poorly worded warnings from the UKMO in my time blogging, and I thought yesterday’s took the biscuit, but this warning is a reel pearler.

Coldest places at 11 UTC
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