No respite

There seems to be no end in sight, at least in the short term, to this mobile spell of westerly weather that started after...

Pressure check

The mild, wet and windy continues without let up, let’s hope March brings a much needed anticyclonic spell.

The reason why it’s been so mild

High pressure over France and lower than average pressure to the north of Iceland puts the squeeze on the southwesterly flow across latitude 55 degrees north.

Roller coaster temperatures

I just long for a ‘spell’ of weather, and by that I mean a week or more of the same type of weather, and I suppose that’s exactly what I’ve got a spell of mobile cyclonic weather.

The reasons for the mild December

If you want the reason why Moscow was so mild during December 2019 then look no further than the surface pressure chart for the month and you’ll see a straight W’SW flow from 60° west right across to 50° east.