Category: Rainfall

Latest April rainfall figures

The spell of below average precipitation continues across the whole of the UK with eastern regions worst affected. The data I am using is the latest daily UKP regional gridded data which I download from the Met Office. Three regions are reporting less than 80% of the LTA, with Central and eastern England having the lowest anomalies of just 77.4% of the 1981-2010 LTA. It’s now been over five years since any month in England and Wales recorded an anomaly of 200% or higher.

The dry April of 2019

It’s no wonder that the weather in eastern parts of the UK was so dry during April 2019. A positive anomaly of 10 hPa just to the west of Norway and a negative anomaly of 7 hPa just to the southeast of Cape Farewell in the south of Greenland produced a negative zonal flow across most of central and northern Europe.