Showers in north as air mass cools

After finally seeing the back of that old cold front I never expected to see showers following on so quickly behind during this afternoon.

Cloud busting

Hopefully the stubborn cloud that’s been plaguing the northwest of Scotland for the last five days will finally start to break up in situ …

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Equinox sunshine

The vernal equinox occurred precisely at 0349 UTC this morning and to help celebrate the fact it’s been another sunny start with Mediterranean blue …

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18 March 2020 – 09 UTC Satellite

At last a dry and sunny morning here in the northeast of Scotland for change, but that’s not likely to last for very long.

Storm Jorge

Now that’s what you call a bent back occlusion!

Rope of cloud

Answers on a postcard about what’s behind this feature.

Lee waves

Something of interest even on a cloudy day.

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