One day cold snap

Colder air is starting to dig in behind the cold front, which is all rather sad because it’ll be leaving again in little over 36 hours.One day cold snaps are all we can look forward to …

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20°C diurnal range

There was a 20.3°C diurnal range at Loch Glascarnoch between yesterday’s maximum (24.5°C) and this mornings minimum (4.2°C), there was even a slight frost at Aboyne (-0.4°C) just for good measure. This is all down to …

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A shock to the system

The temperatures over the weekend must have come as quite a shock to the system to people who are hunkered down self isolating across England and Wales, especially those in the northwest, where maximum temperatures on …

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Some places 8°C colder today

Not quite the 26°C difference we’ve just seen in New South Wales but 8.6° is still quite a drop.

Big drops in temperature

The largest fall in temperature in 24 hours that I could see was 26.6°C at Nerriga in New South Wales.

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