News about the current weather

Will it slide like in 2012?

The big question is will the Arctic sea extent slide away like it did in the summer of 2012 or take a shallower trajectory?

Quote of the day – Peter Stott

A similarly extreme heatwave 100 years ago would have been 4°C cooler – but would it still have been a heatwave?

A perfect rain shadow

It’s not often that you can claim to be sitting in a rain shadow like we are at the moment

Hail storm in Guadalajara

How can nearly a metre and a half of hail fall on the city of Guadalajara?

Heatwave hype

If it’s severe weather then it must be down to global warming

Whats going on at Svalbard?

What’s going on with the temperature at Svalbard if that’s not a silly question?

Recent rainfall totals

A detailed look at high rainfall totals the 10-11 th June 2019.

Global temperatures bounce back above +1°C

Rather embarrassingly for the Met Office their estimates of mean global temperatures have been below the 1°C higher then the pre-industrial era for several months. But now with the belated release of the March values they’ve bounced back up.

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