Snow for auld reekie?

The Met Office must be very confident in their mesoscale model, because rather surprisingly they are not expecting much in the way of impacts from snow away from the higher ground of the southern uplands and Cumbria (updated).

I do not believe it!

Not a single traffic cam on either the A57 or A628. Unfortunately Highways England only seem interested in traffic on Motorway and no other type of road.

Does Chris Fawkes ever look at obs in Scotland?

I get the feeling that this particular forecast is taped much earlier in the evening, and is certainly not helpful to any motorist attempting to use the A9 tonight who is watching it.

Snow catches Met Office on the hop

Here in Ross-shire there has been a continual stream of light snow showers throughout the day, which until the last hour have not settled.

A ‘muddle’ of models

Now that we have waved a fond farewell to Ciara it’s now time to cast our gaze forward to later in the week.

Large snowflakes…

This almost looks like a repeat performance of the 16th of December debacle in this part of the world.

Heavy snow strands drivers overnight on M74

To be fair to the Met Office I did think the yellow warning mentioned the possibility of 15 cm of snow above 300 M which would have been enough to block the M74 at the Beattock summit.

Showers turning increasingly wintry…

The warning includes that classic evergreen line so beloved by weather presenters for the last sixty years or more – showers turning increasingly wintry.

Mondays snow

A terrific satellite image of northern Scotland and it’s snow cover this lunchtime before it disappeared beneath a veil of thickening cirrus and cirrostratus.

A bit bloody late now!

I was going to title this blog “Told you!” but thought that was blowing my own trumpet a bit too much.

Iceland red warning

It won’t be too long before the Icelandic Met Office start naming storms as well as issuing warnings.

Snow, what snow?

Would you have issued a warning for snow?

Easterly outlook

The weather in the next ten days looks set to remain cyclonic and very unsettled, with easterly winds across northern parts according to the latest run of the ECMWF model.

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