Classic Schafernaker

Tomasz Schafernaker has only been back a day and he’s already back at it. Not only has he come up with a couple of new terms for a cold front and streamlines, he also forgets to mention the fact that there’s a force eight northwesterly gale blowing across Shetland with gusts to 70 mph*, or that the snow showers across northern Scotland aren’t just “over the hills”. But hey, that’s up in Nowheresville, and the main thrust of his message in this mornings taped forecast on the News channel was how much warmer it was going to turn over the weekend, and how it’ll get to 20°C on Sunday in London with high pollen levels.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like his laid back style which is a lot easier to take in than the machine gun like approach of some presenters. And yes I know that frequently they have little more than 60 seconds, but sometimes he’s just too laid back, and he forgets or ignores what’s actually happening now, especially if were it’s happening now isn’t close to London.

Courtesy of the BBC

Later following the main 6PM news from the BBC he stated that the cold front was still across the north of Scotland, when in reality the cold front had already cleared Scotland earlier in the day, and what he was describing (according to the UKMO) was an occluded front, but why let science get in the way of a good story.

Courtesy of the UKMO

*Another example of how Meteogroup weathercasters ignore weather warnings from the UKMO

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