Cloudy for most, chilly – a great week for the rest of us

Courtesy BBC

Yes it’s been a quiet and boring week of weather as far as Tomasz Schafernaker was concerned, and which he kept reminding us of in each of his forecasts during Thursday and Friday. There were no massive super cells with tornadoes popping up across the home counties that he could talk about, but in our part of Scotland we got away with a dry, sunny and very pleasant mild week. Of course that wasn’t at all interesting to him, especially if the warmest day of the year occurred not in the southeast of England but in Edinburgh of all places. In his headline for this weekend’s weather he summed up the weather as being cloudy for most and chilly. It goes without saying that if it’s cloudy in London then it’s got to be cloudy for most. He wasn’t prepared to give us a clue where the cloud breaks would occur on Sunday in his forecast saying “in some places they’ll break, in other places they won’t“, he seemed to be more interested in mentioning “a cool front” and an inside joke about “steady eddy” which seemed to have tickled him.

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