Cool Britannia Britain cools the waves

Yes, it’s quite ironic in these Brexit days that these twisted lyrics seem appropriate in describing the average 00 UTC temperature anomalies in October, almost as if the British Isles was a giant ice cube floating and cooling the north Atlantic. The belt of colder anomalies (-1 to -2°C) extends from the central Atlantic, northeast across Scandinavia and into northeast Russia. Another cold anomaly across the midwestern United States (-4.8°C) was much more pronounced. Other than that it’s higher than average temperatures all the way, where two massive warm anomalies at 70° north predominate, one over northern Greenland (+7.9°C), and the other to the east of Franz Josef Land in the Arctic Ocean (+10.5°C). As well as that much of central and eastern Europe was much warmer than average (+4.3°). So it’s no wonder there are reports of October 2019 being the warmest on record, please note I didn’t say hottest on record – even though I’m no AGW denier – I think warmer or warmest when describing estimated temperature changes measured to the nearest tenth or even hundredth of a degree sounds much better than hotter or hottest.

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