Coronavirus lockdown brings bluer skies and best visibilities for many years

I have been reading reports across the media about one of the benefits of the Coronavirus lockdowns has been that the colour of the sky around the world has become noticeably bluer, and because the quality of the air is so much cleaner visibility in recent weeks have improved dramatically. I never thought about it till now, and it could well be my imagination, but the skies of our recent seven days of sunshine in northern Scotland were of a brilliant mediterranean blue, and the visibility to the mountain in the northwest Highlands were crystal clear for most of that week.

I couldn’t find much in social media about observations concerning the blueness of the sky, I’ll keep looking. Apparently there is an instrument for measuring the blueness of the sky and it’s called a Cyanometer, the invention of which, according to Wikipedia, was attributed to Horace-Bénédict de Saussure and Alexander von Humboldt as long ago as 1760.

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