Do they ever read warnings?

Courtesy BBC

Meteogroup are at it again. Do they or their weathercasters down at the BBC ever read severe weather warnings that ares issued by the Met Office? Well in light of what I’ve seen in the last few days obviously not. In the latest yellow warning for Saturday snow is expected to fall not only on high ground but on low ground as well. The Met Office say that 2-5 cm is possible on low ground and as much as 20 cm on the highest ground – that according to Sarah Keith Lucas is “a bit of hill snow” in her breakfast time forecast. The BBC forecast continue to under play the snow events and severe warnings in this current cold spell. I don’t know why I’m at all surprised because I should realise that any importance they attach to them is purely dependent on the distance they occur from the home counties.

Courtesy UKMO

I anticipate that this warning may well be updated this morning. It would be interesting to know what model Meteogroup are using in this morning’s forecast which seems to show mainly rain falling from Saturdays frontal system.

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