Does Chris Fawkes ever look at obs in Scotland?

Chris Fawkes has been droning on about the trough that gave a spell of snow over parts of the north and east Midlands all afternoon and evening in the BBC weather forecast, in fact he was still going on about it in the 2155 UTC forecast on the BBC News channel. It’s obvious from his comments about the trough this afternoon that he is very keen and can decode a SYNOP observation, which is more than can be said about some presenters. The trouble is that he has early onset Scotia Myopia, as well as not understanding the fact that Scotland has real mountains, he also has something of an aversion at looking at Scottish observations. Why do I say that? Well he goes on to say:-

Courtesy of the BBC

If he had taken the time to look he may well have noticed that the AWS at Aviemore, which is not on a hill but very close to the A9, was already reporting 12 cms of snow on Monday evening! But despite the fact that snow is probably causing travel disruption on the A9 northbound and southbound of Aviemore now, he preferred to stick with some old weather news from mid afternoon.

When I wrote that last bit about travel disruption, I guessed that driving conditions might be tricky on the A9, so I thought I would dial up a few traffic cams and hey presto! I can do it from my back bedroom, so why can’t someone in the BBC weather team do the same? I get the feeling that this particular forecast is taped much earlier in the evening, and is certainly not helpful to any motorist attempting to use the A9 tonight who is watching it.

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