Early indications of a record warm December globally powered by increased warmth in northern latitudes since mid-November

First off this prediction is made on my own DIY global temperature record that I’ve computed from the 6 hourly NCEP reanalysis data that I download from NOAA. Second off I could get severe egg on my face if the globe suddenly decides to cool off for the rest of the month, but there are early indications of a record warm December globally which appears to have been powered to a large degree (pardon the pun) by a sudden rise in temperatures across the northern mid-latitudes zone which began in mid-November.

As you may realise I’m pretty chuffed with my DIY series. It’s took a lot of hard organising and programming but I think it’s been well worth the effort. The big advantage of it is that I can watch global temperatures on a daily basis rather than waiting for a couple of weeks till after the month as ended for the people at GISTemp to do their calculations and come up with an estimate of global temperature for the month to see just how much the globe has warmed or cooled, I say cooled because it’s still the case that even though the trend of global temperatures is up, some months and even some years, are cooler than the previous month or in the same month last year.

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