Fascinating battle going on – not just between mild and cold but Meteogroup and UKMO

Courtesy BBC

Despite amber warnings issued by the Met Office for heavy snow across Scotland and northeast England later today Meteogroup are still choosing to ignore the advice. I couldn’t decide if it the 10.58 forecast on the BBC news channel was pre-recorded or not, but in it Sarah Keith Lucas was still talking about “a bit of snow on the hills” again today. So all I can conclude is that either (a) It’s a pre-recorded forecast (b) It’s live broadcast and she hasn’t been notified of the latest warning or (c) Meteogroup received the warning and chose to ignore it. There seems to be fascinating battle going on at the moment – not just between the mild and cold air but also of wills at Meteogroup and the UKMO. The Meteogroup approach during this recent cold spell has been rather dismissive of it, and it looks to me like their thinking permeates down through to the weathercaster at the BBC and is clearly evident in this morning’s forecast.

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