February 2020 – very mild except in the far north

I don’t keep records these days, but I reckon it must have snowed on at least 15 of days this February [2020] in Strathpeffer. If you like powdery white snow and frosts it’s been a particularly frustrating month because the village sits between the 70 and 100 metre contours and the snow level has generally been unusually constant at around 200 metres. So the hills and mountains are coated in a white mantle and the valleys remain green. That’s meant that apart from a couple of mornings, and maybe in a heavier snow shower, the snow didn’t settle for any length of time down in the strath. But that run of cold westerlies that have predominated for much of the month, did keep the north of Scotland cold, or should I say close to average, which is reflected in the mean temperature anomalies for the first four weeks of the month, with the south and east of England ending up with another very mild February despite the recent snow of Thursday.

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