For their eyes only

As I mentioned yesterday some of the worst of the snow according to the ECMWF model is going to occur soon after 18 UTC this evening and that’s been reaffirmed in the latest midnight run of their model. The amber warning from the UKMO for heavy snow doesn’t start till midnight, which still looks six hours too late for northern Scotland, although they do have a yellow warning out for the whole of Thursday so they probably thought what the hell. The heaviest of overnight snow should have scooted off westward by dawn on Friday, and according to the ECMWF model things will remain dry during daylight hours, until another area of lighter snow spreads across the area from the southeast during Friday evening and which continues well on into the weekend. The UKMO model can’t be a million miles different from the ECMWF model but as it’s for their eyes only so we’ll never see it.

What do you think?

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