Friday’s flash in the pan

Courtesy of the BBC

Darren Bett and Meteogroup seem convinced that maximum temperatures will get up to 34°C in parts of the southeast on Friday afternoon – maybe it will or maybe it won’t – we will see. Here in the north of Scotland it looks like, according to the ICON model at least, that it will also be a warm day, even very warm day across the southern shores of the inner Moray Firth. It won’t last long before the warmth of the day is swept smartly away during the evening behind the advancing cold front. This is another weather event in the UK that seems to have been hyped up out of all proportion by the BBC weathercasters, not unlike how forecasts about what a record tropical cyclone season 2020 will be in the North Atlantic have been in social media. Forget the very unseasonable and intense low that was Dana of this week, forget the strong winds and how depressed daytime temperatures have been, not just in the last few days but for most of July, instead concentrate on a couple of warm days that will affect more eastern parts of England. I realise that this is the job of a weathercaster, but it seems to me when temperatures get to 28°C or above, nothing else, or should I say nowhere else, seems to matter.

It’s interesting to see in this animation how the warm air seems to be pushed northwestward from Inverness during the morning.

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