Global 3D Satellite Web App

I came across this Global satellite image viewer from NESDIS and NOAA built using ESRI GIS on the internet recently. It allows you to view satellite imagery on an interactive 3D globe and is similar to NASA’s Worldview web app. It’s a shame that there only seems to be visible imagery available for the whole globe at the moment, although it is quite detailed when you do zoom in. A couple of niggles from Mr Grumpy – (1) I don’t see a title/legend to give you any clue to when the images were taken and (2) you don’t seem to be able to turn of place name labels – but apart from that it’s very responsive and it’s free – so what’s not to like. The search facility is very good and gives you an interactive zoom to anywhere in the world that you can think of going. Why can’t EUMETSAT provide a satellite web app that’s as easy to use as this one is.

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