Global DIY temperatures continue to slide in April

In my DIY temperature series the global mean temperatures during April 2021 have continued to slide. I made the mean global temperature for the month 9.73°C, down from the 9.88°C of the previous year, making it the 11th ranked warmest April in my DIY series that started in 1948. The graph below shows that the slide in 12 month average mean temperatures began in February of 2020, long before the start of the current La Niña. In my series we are now back to mean temperatures we haven’t seen since 2015. The pale overlaid pastel blue and red bands in the graph represent the various ENSO events that have occurred in the last 10 years.

The world’s leading temperature series have all now caught up with the idea of the ‘twin peaks’ which I have been jabbering on about for the last year. Here’s a comparison of them, unfortunately they are not all as quick as my daily DIY series, so some of the monthly values are missing for February and March as well as April and which would emphasis the cooling of recent months.

What do you think?

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