Grim news as the Arctic defrost accelerates into the autumn

Temperature anomalies so far this November across the Arctic Ocean and the north of Russia are as high as 17°C above the LTA in the highest areas at the moment. As you can see from the chart these anomalies are very much higher than they were even during the very mild November of 2019. I’ve included a thermograph for the reanalysis grid point at 80° north 80° east that reflects these high values which have been steadily increasing since the end of August. I know that sea ice in the has been slow to reform this autumn in the Arctic Ocean after repeated heatwaves across Siberia throughout the spring, summer and autumn. According to the latest NSIDC chart sea ice has recently reformed around 80°N 80°E but the Kara sea remains sorely depleted of it.

Courtesy of the NSIDC
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