Have hurricanes really grown stronger since 1979?

A group of climatologist at NOAA have concluded in a study that tropical cyclones around the world have grown stronger since the 1970s, well I suppose they have to do something with their time. As far as tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean go, I could have told them that in about 30 seconds of opening my Tropical Cyclone application, and without having to resort to any fancy models or adding noise to compensate for the improvement in satellites over the last 40 years. The linear trend in my graph of category 3, 4 & 5 hurricanes from HURDAT2 data reveals an increase of 0.38 of them occurring each decade, although the 7 year moving average doesn’t look that supporting. Despite what I can see of this report – which is very little – I still believe most of this increase is down to vastly improved satellite sensors and monitoring.

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