Heavy snow showers across the NW of Scotland

It is snowing quite heavily across most of Ross-shire at the moment (10 UTC) , and I notice that the snow depth at Loch Glascarnoch has suddenly increased in the last hour from 11 cm to 17 cm. So I am off out now with my camera to try and capture some of the snowy scenes from around the village before the milder weather, the Met Office have promised, spreads down from the north.

If anyone by chance is reading this in Exeter at the moment, because I do have an inkling that I may have one or two followers down there, please advise the great Oz (if that’s possible) to update his snow warning that he issued yesterday for today. The 5-10 cm above 250 M is much too low judging by the 17 cm already being reported by the AWS at Loch Glascarnoch, and the area should be extended a little south of the Great Glen perhaps. You never know the way these showers just keep piling up may have impacts later today!

Courtesy UKMO

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