Highest Spring temperature in March – unprecedented

Courtesy of the BBC

It is possible, and also highly likely, that the warmest day this meteorological spring could have occurred in the month of March, so says Helen Willetts, who also goes on to state that its unprecedented and hasn’t since 1968. Personally I like Sean Batty’s story about the fact it’s now over eight months since we’ve seen a maximum temperature higher than 20°C in Scotland.

4 thoughts on “Highest Spring temperature in March – unprecedented”

  1. This constant daily use of the word ‘unprecedented’ is … unprecedented !

    1. And using it in connection with any kind of climate statistic is dangerous because it very rarely is!

  2. Don’t worry, as long as they use ‘Computer Calculated Climate Catastrophes’ [ CCCC ] , every thing will be … (drum roll & fanfare ) … ‘unprecedented’ runaway heating (I wish, we’ve still got our heating on !! ) as we move towards COP26. (be nice if it was cancelled due to snow !!! )

    But maybe – if we move towards a modern minimum (how about ‘the Mann Minimum’ ? )
    Every year will become warmer; Warmer than the next year; plus last year will be warmer than this year.

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