Hottest day on record in the UK? I don’t think so – well probably.


The media and the UKMO have whipped the public up into a frenzy regarding the heatwave across the southeast of England, and suggestions that today might well be the hottest day on record in the UK. After last Friday when maximum temperatures exceeded NWP model expectations by at least 2°C they seem to be unduly cautious in downplaying this kind of hype. The BBC have even had a little old lady ringing in to ask if today would be the hottest day in the UK ever, they couldn’t contact Michael Fish to reassure her, but told her not to worry it wouldn’t be, probably. At 08 UTC this morning the temperature at Heathrow was 24.3° which was a couple of degrees down on the two other record days here. There is the COVID-19 pandemic factor to take into consideration too, the lack of jets toing and froing between Heathrow and Iberia mean that the zephyrs blowing across the Stevenson Screen won’t be quite as hot as they usually are at 15 UTC.

Friday 7th August 2020
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