I wish I had a pound for everytime the Needles registered the highest gust

It has been a very windy day for August across England and Wales today thanks to storm Ellen, with the southwesterly wind generally blowing force six occasionally seven at times. According to Louise Lear the Needles Old Battery recorded a gust of 71 mph today – I wish I had a pound for everytime the Needles was rolled out as registering the highest gust, because I’m sure by now I’d be doing quite well. Of course the BBC, Meteogroup and the UKMO take great care when it comes to verifying any extremes of rainfall or temperature, but wind speed is another matter entirely if the anemograph in question sits on top of a 393 high cliff as it does at the Needles. That kind of gust just doesn’t fit at all with any nearby gust, or even with the maximum gust from the Channel lightvessel come to that. The above chart is of today’s maximum gusts of Beaufort force eight and above.

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