Ice Saints comes up trumps again

It looks like the ancient period known as Ice Saints which often brings a brief spell of colder weather from the 11th to 15th of May to parts of Europe has done it once again in 2021, that’s if these 2M temperatures anomaly charts for the next four days from the ECMWF prove to be accurate. If you remember it did it last year when cold air arrived from the north. It could also be strike #3 for Alexander Buchans cold spell singularities this year for the period of the 9th to the 14th of May in Scotland.

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  1. The traditional harbinger of spring, ‘Swallows’.
    Anglesey – 7:10pm 12/5/21. First Swallows of the year arrived (~ 4 weeks later than last year) & had a feeding frenzy vacuuming up all the midges.
    So spring has officially arrived

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