Iceland red warning

The weather is certainly cold, snowy and very windy at the moment across Iceland, but in all honesty I think the red warning issued by their Met Office yesterday looks a little bit over the top to me. I reckon they just got fed up with being left out of the limelight with the naming of storms and issuing of warnings, so they followed the Met Office lead in how to boost their social media standing. Here are a couple of plot grids from two Icelandic stations to give you a flavour of the weather there at the moment. I was surprised to see such relatively high temperatures across the Iceland, I had thought that the whole country was immersed in sub-510 dam 1000-500 hPa thicknesses at the moment, but it maybe that colder air is on the way.

On further investigation I found the warnings board on the Icelandic Met Office web site and discovered that yesterday’s red warning had been lowered to amber, I reckon that it was some overzealous young forecaster who issued it, but it certainly got them noticed at least by the BBC weather presenters.

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