Is this how the cold spell will end?

12th January 2020
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The ten day outlook isn’t looking too rosy at the moment for snow lovers from the 12th of January. We’ve had a good run for our money, and although it was never 510 dam thickness deep cold air, it has (and will have) remained rather cold for almost three weeks across most of IONA, so we’re pushing our luck if we think it can go on for much longer. The Met Office seem to be in agreement in their long range weather forecast. Who knows perhaps the SSW will come to the rescue and completely disrupt this particular T+240 forecast from the GFS and ECMWF for the 12th of January, we can but hope.

UK long range weather forecast

Thursday 7 Jan -Saturday 16 Jan

Areas of rain, sleep and snow make erratic southeast progress into Thursday, with wintry showers mostly affecting coastal districts in central and southern areas. Elsewhere is likely to be fine and dry with some sunny spells, though freezing fog patches may also be likely for some. For the rest of the week, conditions are likely to turn more widely unsettled with a mixture of rain, sleet and snow for many areas. Overnight frosts and icy stretches are also expected with temperatures below average. A chance that by the middle of January conditions may become a little less cold and unsettled for a time at least across the south, although wintry hazards are still possible in many areas.

Saturday 16 Jan -Saturday 30 Jan

Confidence is low during this time but more unsettled conditions may continue to affect at least southern and central parts of the UK, with drier and colder weather being retrained in the north. Whilst generally remaining colder than average some milder interludes are possible in the south. Later in the month an increased chance of colder conditions returning nationwide. Throughout there is a risk of snowfall and other wintry hazards.

Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Sat 2 Jan 2021

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1 thought on “Is this how the cold spell will end?”

  1. “A chance that by the middle of January conditions may become a little less cold”
    I like the sound of that !

    Anglesey 15:45 it’s 3.6°C & a clear sky, Brrrr
    Teneriffe is 18°; I’d rather be there.

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