Just plain down right annoying

“The weather at this time of year can be a bit of a tease. Yesterday we had heavy rain and showers, they eased away, and then look at this 17 degrees, that’s the expected high, that’s incredibly mild for this time of year. But that mild air is pushing its way off into the near continent, cooler air is set to return, and in fact dare I say it, even turning a little wintry over the next couple of days”

Louise Lear, BBC weathercaster

There’s no doubting the location from which Louise Lear is speaking in the country when she presented the weather forecast on BBC1 at 1.30 PM this afternoon, even if it you didn’t realise that she was stood right bang at the heart of Broadcasting House in London W1. I would just like to remind her that not everyone in the country lives in southeast England. She obviously wasn’t on shift yesterday, and hadn’t realised that it wasn’t all heavy rain and showers, and that it did manage to get up to 16°C in one or two spots. There are no manual observations from this part of the Highlands, but I can assure her that the ‘cooler’ air that she is promising, has already arrived across the north of Scotland, with any number of snow showers interspersed with bright blue skies and sunshine so far today. I’ve never been a weathercaster, but I think if I had, I would have tried to present the forecast in such a way that no one could possibly guess my location, as if I was presenting it sat in the International Space Station looking down on old blighty from space.

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