Large snowflakes…

For such a mild autumn and winter it still has managed to snow in every month since November, and this lunchtime, at the warmest time of day, it decided to snow again in Strathpeffer with the largest snowflakes I have seen for a very long time. I would say that for a time they were typically the size of a 50p piece, with the odd one that must have been twice that diameter, they made for a very pretty scene.

The Met Office have not issued any warning for this spell of snow (as yet), which they probably imagine or hope will be only transient and only affect the “hills” and “higher routes”, as Matt Taylor likes to put it. Well for Matt’s information, Scotland does have plenty of hills, it also has 282 Munros above 3,000 feet aka. as “mountains”. And to all weather presenters out there who think that it always starts as rain and turns to snow, before turning back to rain – it started as snow! The snow is readily lying here in Strathpeffer at 13 UTC where the temperature is around 0.5°C, we are not in central Scotland, and we are only 40 M amsl. This could well be a repeat performance of the 16th of December debacle in this part of the world.

A couple of centimetres of lying snow at 1330 UTC. The occlusion that’s driving the snow up from the southwest is moving at a fair old lick, and there does appear to be a ragged back edge to it, so maybe the Chief will just sit this one out, but I for one wouldn’t like to be driving up the A9 this lunchtime.

The BBC Weather team have still not cottoned on to the fact that it’s snowing on low ground as well and are talking complete rubbish.

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