Last weeks temperatures across Europe

Mean temperature anomalies 7-13 June 2020

Here is a look back at mean temperatures across Europe for the last week. It’s been colder than average around much of western Europe and Iberia but very warm towards eastern Russia and the southeast of Scandinavia as it has been across Iceland. I came across this anomaly chart produced by the guy that runs the tropicaltidbits website. As far as I can see he uses the T+0 frame from the GFS model and then subtracts the 30 year mean LTA from it. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of climatology done before on the internet and I think it’s a great chart for visualising temperature data. I like the finger of warmth that’s pluming across the North Sea from Norway and the warmth in western Scotland.

Temperature anomalies 18 UTC 12 June 2020
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