Latest satellite image reveals more dodgy sensors?

Another cracking visible image overlaid with the IR from 0945 UTC this morning and plume of medium and high level cloud streaming up from NW France. With the air as clear as it is over the UK and the NW of Europe at the moment why is it that the hourly radiation values at 09 UTC just look too high over the Netherlands? It’s no clearer there, and at a guess the hourly values look almost 20% higher in the Netherlands than they do in Germany, even though the sun has not reached its zenith in either country yet. Is it a case that the solar radiation sensors are of a diffrent type and more sensitive, or is it down to how they have been calibrated? I wonder how much of this observational data gets fed straight into NWP models? Who QC’s these observations? Some more work for the WMO to do perhaps?

Just how many people work at the WMO?

Here’s something to do if you’re sat twiddling your thumbs in lockdown at the moment – try and find out using Google just how many people work at the WMO, I couldn’t, let me know if you can, I would be fascinated to find out the number and what they get up to.

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