Little continuity and mad scribblings

Courtesy of UKMO

There seems to be little continuity in the mad scribblings that at times are the main characteristics of an analysis chart from the UKMO these days. It’s nothing new, and has been happening since the demise of the hand drawn analysis of the early 1990’s. This part of Scotland seems to be a good start or end point for convoluted occlusions in recent months. Last night we were invited out for a pre-Christmas dinner and trudged up the hill under starry skies at around 5.30 pm. We trudged back down the hill at around 12.30 am a little worse for wear under a full moon with corona and a couple of oktas of altocumulus and cirrus. The roads were icy and hoar frost covered most surfaces although the yellow warning for ice didn’t extend this far north. If you believe the 18 UTC analysis an old occlusion was supposedly draped across our part of Ross-shire and which finally cleared away to the east by 00 UTC. It’s at times like this I find it hard to believe the UKMO analysis and which I liken more to the nephanalysis of old, but even in this regard it left a lot to be desired last night.

14 December 18 UTC MSG image Courtesy of Bernard Burton
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