Looking serious in south Yorkshire

Rainfall totals are mounting up across South Yorkshire at the moment. The rain which started at around 04 UTC this morning has been heavy for most of this time, and estimated totals are now well over 50 mm in the wettest spots 14 hours later. It’s difficult to get any observational SYNOP data from that part of the world because to be frank there is only the AWS at Emley Moor, which doesn’t have a weather sensor but does report rainfall totals. This part of the country has always been a large black hole for observational data – a black hole with at least 1.4 million people in it. I would say that the amber warning of heavy rain issued by the Met Office yesterday is absolutely spot on, even if they did have to extend the area a little eastward today, and totals of 100 mm look quite possible as it’s expected to rain for much of the coming night.

Courtesy of UKMO

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