Low Eugen – Winds

The highest gust from low Eugen was 76 mph at Capel Curig early yesterday afternoon, closely followed by the 74 mph at the Mumbles lighthouse, and much higher than those expected in the yellow warning from the Met Office. To be fair to them Capel Curig, is a permanent thorn in their side, a wind tunnel of a place, which see’s massive amounts of rain, the people who live there deserve a medal. Gusts inland also got up a little more than the 40-50 mph anticipated, especially across the south. In the past I’ve seen named storms do little better than the winds that low Eugen produced. Low Eugen, or should that have been the “May Day bank holiday” storm, had all the right ingredients of wind, rain, and in the north snow. Many other European Met Service wouldn’t have thought twice about doing it, but then again that wouldn’t have been cricket would it?

Originally tweeted by Met Office (@metoffice) on 2 May 2021.

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