March 2020 Anomalies

Courtesy of the UKMO

Here are all the various anomaly charts produced by the UKMO for March 2020. The northwest of Scotland seems to have copped the worst of it, being duller, wetter and colder than anywhere else, whilst the rest of the UK seems to have fared quite well, especially eastern counties, which were mild, dry and much sunnier than average. Here is a static version for those people that don’t like animations.

Courtesy of the UKMO

As far as I can see the Met Office seems to be functioning quite well during this Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. With the majority of their 1,989 employees, most of who work in Exeter, “working” from home, someone in Government is bound to ask the question when this nightmare is all over:-

Why do we need all these people working in Exeter when they seem to be able function quite well working from their spare bedrooms?

An unknown Government Official

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