March 2021 – Weather Summary

Images and raw data courtesy of UKMO

The auto headline in my UK gridded climate application says for the month of March 2021 for the UK – “Mild, near average rainfall with near average sunshine”. As you can see from the anomaly charts that regionally this is far from the truth, and the software, far from being any sophisticated piece of AI, obviously needs some work. The climate indicators for March are rather a mixed bag though, but it was definitely drier in the south and east, and wetter in the northwest. Mean temperatures were above average generally but milder the further north and east you were. Sunshine was close to average in most places, but there were sunnier spots in the northeast and northwest of England, north Wales and far southeast of England, but the northwest was rather dull. Perhaps my auto headline for the UK was better than this long winded summary of mine – maybe in the future AI could come up with a better headline that’s short and to the point.

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