March highest pressure record broken

This one caught me out. I had committed the cardinal sin of believing that NWP is always right, something that you can usually take for granted, but not always. The 1049.3 hPa at Stornoway at 21 UTC is the highest pressure in the British Isles for March. It looks like 1050 hPa is on the cards for many places across northern Scotland, as the three hourly tendencies are still upward, and the pressure is already 1051.6 hPa at K5 with a light northerly wind indicating the centre of the high is still to it’s west. Who knows how high pressures will get in the next 24 hours, but even so it does seem unlikely that it will challenge the all time record high of 1053.6 hPa set in January 1902, but then I have been wrong before!

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