Maximum temperature anomalies during the last week

Mean maximum anomalies
7 -13 August 2020

The maximum temperature anomaly chart for the UK over the last week is very interesting as you would expect with a heatwave in progress across a large part of England during most of it. I always think that maximum anomalies of ten degrees or more are the best marker for a heatwave, and so around London and towards the southeast they’re the kind of anomalies that you find during the last week. The east coast has always been cooler, and there is a steep warming curve as you come westward as you would expect. The maximum anomaly for Heathrow during the last week was 11.7°C above the 1961-1990 LTA which is quite remarkable, and the thermograph reveals that the last two days have been the hottest of the lot.

Heathrow – Summer 2020
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