Met Office get in first to name storm Ciara

“An extremely strong jet stream flowing from North America will be steering a succession of low-pressure systems towards the UK at least into the middle of next week. The relative predictability of this pattern has provided an early warning and has given us the certainty to be able to name this storm four days ahead.”

Neil Armstrong – Chief forecaster at the Met Office

I have never known the Met Office name a storm as early as four days before it will impact the UK, but they have this morning by naming this weekend’s high winds storm Ciara (pronounced /ˈkɪərə/ KEER-ə) , the third named storm of the season. They obviously have been feeling left out in the “naming of storms game” played by many of the other European weather agencies recently, in fact I can’t remember the last time they named a storm, so they are obviously flexing their supercomputer muscles and feel confident enough to nip in ahead of Met Eireann and their Hirlam model for once. Let’s hope it all comes to pass for their sakes. So far they have resisted the urge to tinker with the yellow warning for strong wind that they issued yesterday for it.

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